Step Toward Success – Advice for Loan Officers

Step Toward Success Education and action are key to moving mortgage professionals toward their goals By John Meussner, loan officer, Mason-McDuffie Mortgage |   As 2016 continues to unfold, people across the country are obsessed with getting in 10,000-plus steps each day to meet their fitness goals. That challenge is in front of them all day, displayed on […]

Future Income Mortgage Loan

Qualify for a mortgage with a job offer

The Future Income Mortgage   Many people think mortgage qualifying involves evidence of current income to the tune of W2 forms and paystubs.  While this is true in many cases (along with tax returns and verifications of employment), there are several other ways to qualify for mortgages.  In recent months, alternative income methods have made a […]

Delaware Mortgage Loans


Delaware Mortgage Loans   Delaware, though a small state by square mileage standards, is a huge state when it comes to the diversity of homes, properties, and mortgage products available.  While some loan officers claim they can do business in every state, the team at JMLoans would argue that Delaware mortgage loans require a loan […]

“Blend”ing Service & Technology for Mobile Mortgages

Mobile Mortgage Loans are the future

“Blend”ing Service & Technology for the Ultimate Mortgage Experience  – Mobile Mortgages   Here at Mason McDuffie Mortgage we’re always focusing on better.  Better loan products.  Better loan officers.  Better operations staff.  Better service.  We know there’s no such thing as perfect in today’s mortgage world, so that’s not what we’re striving for.  What we’re […]

Welcome to JM Loans Mortgage Blog

Welcome to Mason-McDuffie Mortgage! Please check back for future articles and information from the best mortgage blog on the web!  This blog will be a go to resource for news, updates, and all things mortgage and real estate related.  Coming soon you’ll see guest interviews from real estate markets around the country. Tips for getting […]