Can You Use Experian Boost to Get a Mortgage?

Using Experian Boost could cause inconvenience and disappointment when seeking out a mortgage loan

Experian Boost – Don’t  Do It!   You’ve perhaps seen Experian’s latest marketing pitch on TV commercials for their “Boost” product – “Help Raise America’s Credit Scores”, the website hero image reads.  And yes, the product can do what it says – boost a user’s credit scores.  That’s great news, right!?!?  Well, no.   All…

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Why Home Buyers Need an Experienced Lender

An experienced lender can show you the way!

An Experienced Mortgage Lender Can Make a Big Difference   Rate is the most important thing in the world when buying a home, right?  For many, the answer is yes, but they couldn’t be more off target when it comes to where focus should be on buying a home.  Rate IS important, but probably not…

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Recently Closed – Job Offer Letter Mortgage in Raleigh, NC

Relocating for a job?  You can buy a new home BEFORE you start with our job offer letter mortgage!

Did you know you can get a mortgage loan based on future income from a job offer?  Even if you plan on moving before you start your new job, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of short term rentals or temporary living situations – you can BUY a home based on your future income!  …

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Buying a Home for a Parent

Buying a Home for Parents or Children is easy with an agency direct lender!

    Buying a Home for a Parent (or child)   There’s a rise in the United States of multi-generational living – that is, 2 (or more) generations living under one roof.  As homes grow in size more people are taking advantage of in-law suites, multi units, and other property alterations to comfortably accommodate more…

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Foreclosure on a Home After Bankruptcy

Keep afloat of your finances with the right mortgage options

Foreclosure on a Home After Bankruptcy Foreclosure and bankruptcy are  never fun things to discuss.  When it comes to a home, financial problems can turn shelter and a place filled with family memories into a source of stress and anxiety.  Although we advise people do everything within their power to avoid foreclosure, there is light…

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Recently Closed – Cash Out Refinance in Downingtown, PA

Cash Out Refinance Mortgage

Recently Closed – Cash Out Refinance in Downingtown, PA        Have you heard the latest news on consumer debt?  Well, the gist is that it’s high.  Really high.  Like, higher than it’s been since before the ‘Great Recession’.  While mortgage debt and student loan debt are leading the way due primarily to the…

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Best Lender for Realtors to Work With

The relationship between a lender and real estate agent greatly impacts the quality of a real estate transaction for customers

Do we know each other? Do you know about my company, Mason McDuffie Mortgage? You should! No, really. I know, I know – every loan officer wants you to know them and their company and they’ll all tell you they’re the best. Best service, best rates, best bagels, blah blah blah. You’ll see mortgage CEO’s talking about…

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What Do Mortgage Lenders Look for in Bank Statements?

bank statements for mortgage

When a mortgage lender requests your bank statements, it can be for a variety of reasons.  Bank statements can be one of the biggest causes of frustration in the mortgage process and lead to multiple requests for more paperwork if your lender isn’t up front with what they’re looking for.  That’s where we come in!…

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How Much is Needed for a Mortgage Down Payment

mortgage down payment

If you’re thinking about buying a home, one of the first questions you may have is how much money you’ll need for a mortgage down payment.  While the answer is almost always “it depends”, one thing is for sure – most people are surprised to find out it takes less money than they think to…

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Porter, TX Mortgage Client Closed and Happy

Texas mortgage loans

Porter, TX Mortgage – Happy First Time Home Buyer Clients   “John was extremely responsive and helpful throughout this entire process. I am very hands-on and like to know what is going on. He had the patience to explain everything to me and responded in a timely manner with all of my questions and concerns. He…

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