How Down Payment Assistance Mortgage Programs Help Buyers In Expensive Markets

Down payment assistance is available in many markets, and home buyers DON'T need 20% down!

With home prices on the rise since the market crash of 2010, many markets have put home ownership seemingly out of reach for would be home buyers.  While home prices in many markets have risen 5-10% in recent years, income increases have, in general, not kept up.  In fact, most incomes have only climbed 2-3% […]

Can You Use Experian Boost to Get a Mortgage?

Using Experian Boost could cause inconvenience and disappointment when seeking out a mortgage loan

Experian Boost – Don’t  Do It!   You’ve perhaps seen Experian’s latest marketing pitch on TV commercials for their “Boost” product – “Help Raise America’s Credit Scores”, the website hero image reads.  And yes, the product can do what it says – boost a user’s credit scores.  That’s great news, right!?!?  Well, no.   All […]

Foreclosure on a Home After Bankruptcy

Keep afloat of your finances with the right mortgage options

Foreclosure on a Home After Bankruptcy Foreclosure and bankruptcy are  never fun things to discuss.  When it comes to a home, financial problems can turn shelter and a place filled with family memories into a source of stress and anxiety.  Although we advise people do everything within their power to avoid foreclosure, there is light […]

Recently Closed – Cash Out Refinance in Downingtown, PA

Cash Out Refinance Mortgage

Recently Closed – Cash Out Refinance in Downingtown, PA        Have you heard the latest news on consumer debt?  Well, the gist is that it’s high.  Really high.  Like, higher than it’s been since before the ‘Great Recession’.  While mortgage debt and student loan debt are leading the way due primarily to the […]

How Much is Needed for a Mortgage Down Payment

mortgage down payment

If you’re thinking about buying a home, one of the first questions you may have is how much money you’ll need for a mortgage down payment.  While the answer is almost always “it depends”, one thing is for sure – most people are surprised to find out it takes less money than they think to […]