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Do we know each other? Do you know about my company, Mason McDuffie Mortgage? You should! No, really. I know, I know – every loan officer wants you to know them and their company and they’ll all tell you they’re the best. Best service, best rates, best bagels, blah blah blah. You’ll see mortgage CEO’s talking about market compression, fancy new hires, and sliding boards in their offices. And you’ll see brokers tell you about the latest product that only they offer (until you see someone else also saying they’re the only one offering it! Perks of a broker, amiright!?). So let me tell you what we’re doing differently, and rather than use fluff, I want to give you some real examples of how we’re helping YOU make more money and look good to your clients when you send em’ to MasonMac. Every day this week I’ll be listing 2 things that help us help you…


1) The Appraisal Panel


I know, everyone’s favorite topic! Appraisals! Tired of getting an appraiser who drove from Whoknowswhereville to overcharge your client for a low-balled appraisal? Well, MasonMac has your back. We use an in-house appraisal team to send appraisal orders through professional and localappraisers. Do we guarantee we’re hitting that value your clients want!? You’re darn right we do…not. But, what we can guarantee is that the inspection and report are going to be done by a professional, done quickly, and your client isn’t going to be nickel and dimed along the way.




2) The Marketing


Need help with your social media marketing? We’ve got a guy for that. Not sure how to use open houses to immediately put more clients in your pipeline? Gotcha’ covered. Want to be a part of seminars that are educating buyers and showcasing you as the local expert? We’ve got LOs on our team putting them together. We’re not presenting you marketing for the sake of getting in front of you. We’re working to create ways to get you more business. We’ve got social media. We’ve got video. We’ve even got that old school marketing we all know and love – flyers, cards, mailers, and more.



3) We Don’t Build Red Lights


Ever seem like you refer a client to a lender and somehow your client ends up in the lender’s Mortgage Prevention Department? Well, we don’t have one of those. We’re an agency-direct lender, meaning if your client fits Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac requirements for a loan, they’ll get a loan here. We even manually underwrite government loans to ensure none of your valued buyers are slipping through the cracks or being told no when they could get a yes. Client doesn’t fit conventional, FHA, USDA, or VA guidelines? Keep reading!



4) We’re ahead of the curve on products


When a new product comes to market, we don’t wait to let people use it. Streamlined renovation conventional loans, 100% financing products (that aren’t USDA or VA), bank statement loans, manually underwritten government loans (aka DEAL SAVERS on FHA files), 1 day post-foreclosure/bankruptcy, Restricted Stock for income (huge in metro areas), and much, much more.



5) MasonMac is your alternative to big bank headaches


It’s no secret that the big guys have tried their best to corner the market on jumbo products through ridiculously low rates. MasonMac has a creative comp structure that allows loan officers to compete on pricing with the big banks – this means a stronger offer, a more streamlined process, and a more pleasant transaction. We all know which big lenders are notorious for a lack of service. We help you and your clients avoid that. Your clients can have their cake and eat it too. Um….I mean, they can have their low rate and service, too.



6) Thank you for your applicatiannnnnnnnnd you’re closed


Is it that fast? Not quite, but pretty close. We. Are. Fast. With day 1 certainty, acceptance of appraisal waivers, lightning fast appraisal turn times, and 24 hour or less underwriting, our entire loan process for a diligent borrower is usually about 2 weeks. That means YOUR contingency periods don’t need to be long. Better yet, with our ‘Buyers Best’ program, you don’t even NEED a contingency for the mortgage. How’s that for seller reassurance?



7) First Time Buyers are a growing segment, and we LOVE first time buyers!


In the markets we work within, we make sure we have the products and process that make buying a first home a breeze. Things like CalHFA, ZIP, CHENOA, GSFA, VHDA and all sorts of other acronyms that are short for “Get your buyer into a home without a lot of money out of pocket”. As this segment grows, you’ll need to have resources to get them what they need…..and Weeeeee’ve, got what they neeEEEeeed, but you say we’re just a friend. Ok, we’ll stop.



8) Our LOs are literally creating a market for you


We’ve got some top notch LOs (we’ll let you in on a secret…..sub-par LOs hate it here, and top LOs love it) that are using our team to build their own market (and a market for their partners…aka YOU). Take the #DebSundlieTeam, led by Deb herself – she’s out there creating a market for veterans to buy homes in communities that haven’t been approved for VA financing – until they meet Deb. In Solano county, CA, Deb is building a market for her Realtor partners. And she’s not alone – many of our top LOs are building a great business and bringing their agent partners along for the ride.



9) Dedication to the big picture


We know that your survival is based on the same thing as our survival. Happy clients. We also know that happy clients come from a team that focuses on education, communication, and a process that makes home buying easy. Tools, technology, and best of all, SERVICE. All of those things combined? That’s something the industry “disruptors” and the competition undercutting you on price simply cannot touch.




10) Our Industry Focus Includes You


Our LOs are trained to approach Realtors with their hands out. Unlike other lenders, though, those hands are extended with value for their Realtor partners, while our competition is out there trying to trade bagels for handouts. Our team is equipped with tech, marketing, and educational resources that are taking their business to the next level. And we’re not shy about passing along that education, and helping our real estate partners on our way up. Our ultimate goal is the best home loan process for our clients, and when that involves buying a house, we know that involves our real estate partners being the best they can be, too. We work together, and want to build WITH you, not just from you.

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