Porter, TX Mortgage Client Closed and Happy

Porter, TX Mortgage – Happy First Time Home Buyer Clients


“John was extremely responsive and helpful throughout this entire process. I am very hands-on and like to know what is going on. He had the patience to explain everything to me and responded in a timely manner with all of my questions and concerns. He followed up with me so that he was kept up-to-date on everything that was happening and made sure he was there if I needed anything. Communication is EVERYTHING when buying a house in an area that was affected by Hurricane Harvey!”


That’s what our clients had to say about their recent experience buying their first home in Porter, TX.  Here’s the story of how a job offer to a young professional took his family from Utah to Texas with a lender in California.


I was sitting in my office one day when the phone rang, and on the other end was a young man who had just accepted a job in the Houston, TX area and was looking into how to move his young family there.  He had found me online reading a blog I’d written about how to get a mortgage with a job offer letter, and wanted to buy a home in Texas prior to starting his new job there.


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Borrowers looking for a Porter, TX Mortgage or a loan in the Houston area can look forward to a great experience with Mason Mac!

There was definitely some hesitation about using a lender in California to buy a home in Texas while he and his family were in Utah, but not as much hesitation as he had when calling local lenders that knew nothing about a job offer letter mortgage.  After talking for a while, it was clear that this first time buyer needed a lot of education, which is a beautiful thing.  When buying a first home, one of the most important things to do is learn about the process and be confident that you’re getting the right loan!


For this first time home buyer, the right Porter, TX mortgage option was a USDA loan, which requires a 0% down payment, allows sellers to help pay closing costs, and comes with very competitive rates.  Fortunately, USDA also allows a buyer to use future income from a job offer to qualify, which was perfect for this relocating young professional.  Working with his agent, Jon Metcalf of Re/Max Prestige, he was able to negotiate sellers assistance into his offer, so in the end our client was able to purchase his new home with no money out of pocket, aside from inspection costs that he incurred before closing.


Hurricane Harvey came along the week before settlement and through a wrench into our closing timeline, but thankfully our buyer was patient and the seller moved quickly to have repairs completed so we could wrap up the mortgage loan and have the property transferred to our buyer.  The home sustained minor damage in the storm, but all parties were thankful to escape with just minor inconveniences considering the storm brought havoc to much of the Houston area.

As a very happy ending, we closed on the new home, and the buyer has a few weeks to move with his family and settle into their beautiful new home before he begins his new career.  Everyone in the process was amazing to work with, and it showed that with today’s technology, it doesn’t matter where the involved professionals are, but how they get the job done.

The JM Loans team is showing the real estate world that a great mortgage process doesn’t need to come from a local company.  Currently licensed in CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, MD, NC, NJ, PA, TN, TX, and VA (with our colleagues able to help in HI, OR, WA, ID, and MT), we provide the same great mortgage experience whether you’re right down the street from our office, or across the country.  Best of all, wherever you are in the country, you’ll receive top notch service, great rates, a ton of products to choose from, and you’ll experience the process that gives us our tagline, #MortgageMadeEasy

Questions about our loan process, or anything else mortgage related?  Give us a call at 484.680.4852 or ask an expert here!

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