How to Compete in a Seller’s Market?


How to Compete in a Seller’s Market?        In most areas of our country, the real estate industry is seeing a marketplace leaning heavily toward a seller’s market.  Low inventory, high competition among buyers, rising prices, and little wiggle room with regard to inspection demands and contingencies are commonplace, all evidence of a […]

Delayed Financing – Cash out for Investment Properties

delayed financing

Delayed Financing – Cash out for Investment Properties   Often times, it benefits an investor to acquire a new property with a cash transaction.  Rather than obtaining a mortgage initially, offering cash can bring about several benefits.  For one, in a competitive market, sellers will often view a cash offer more favorably than a financed […]

Philadelphia Mortgage Refinance

JM Loans: Mortgage Made Easy

Philadelphia Mortgage Refinance   Recently I was able to help a favorite client of mine with his Philadelphia mortgage refinance.  When rates dropped several years ago, we were able to take advantage and help him save a lot of money each month.  After our closing he used a home equity line of credit to do […]

How Does the Fed Affect Mortgage Rates

Federal Reserve

How Does the Fed Affect Mortgage Rates? Along with employment & jobs numbers over the past several months, the Fed and their debate on the future of interest rates has fueled the minute rises and falls we’ve seen on rate sheets over the last several months. Going back to last December’s rate increase, the markets […]

Step Toward Success – Advice for Loan Officers

Step Toward Success Education and action are key to moving mortgage professionals toward their goals By John Meussner, loan officer, Mason-McDuffie Mortgage |   As 2016 continues to unfold, people across the country are obsessed with getting in 10,000-plus steps each day to meet their fitness goals. That challenge is in front of them all day, displayed on […]